C.I.C. are a team of Moscow based, British trained professional brokers, wealth managers and independent financial advisers.

We have a wealth of experience of operating in international markets.

Our financial experts have a proven track record of providing our individual clients with impressive returns on their investments offering growth and security with low costs in all market conditions.

Contact us and we will arrange an introductory meeting. The first meeting is informative, we listen to your financial goals and what you expect from us.

At the second meeting we provide you with a personalised flexible financial plan which meets all of your needs both now and in the future. This ensures you and your loved ones can afford and enjoy the quality of lifestyle  you have worked hard for.


Our 24/7 monitoring of your portfolio and of market movements is the difference in achieving the highest possible returns for you. We have the highest level of quality of service in the industry. We ensure your money never sleeps


Take that first important step today, the secret of success is getting started.





"We offer a wealth of experience in personal wealth management."

Planning for Tomorrow, Today.